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👉 Tip #20: Use dictionary comprehensions in Python

Let’s say we had this list of words:

If we wanted to create a list of the word lengths, we could use a for loop:

We start with an empty list, and each time the loop runs, len(word) is appended to the list.

But as you might know, a list comprehension is even better for this scenario:

The effect is the same, but the code is much more concise.

Let’s now pretend that we wanted to create a dictionary containing both the word and its length. Once again, let’s use a for loop:

This time, we start with an empty dictionary, and each time the loop runs, a key-value pair is added to the dictionary.

You can actually convert this into a dictionary comprehension:

The structure is similar to a list comprehension, except there are curly braces { } instead of brackets [ ], and the first part of the comprehension (called the “expression”) is word:len(word) instead of just len(word).

You can read it as follows: “For each word, create a key-value pair of the word and its length.”

Visually, I really like the dictionary comprehension, since the “key:value” structure of the expression matches the way the dictionary prints out!

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